At last, Katherine Lynch's mams have encountered some stiff competition. Before you read any further, this article basically boils down to a load of tits.

Katherine Lynch/Bernie Walsh has a 'new show' (with Brian Dowling and everything, just like on her last show, Wagon's Den) called The Big Fat Breakfast Show. Given her guest list for episode one includes Katona, yer man off Hardy Bucks and yer wan off Desperate Scousewives who's now on Celebrity Salon, we can assume it won't be stealing Ireland AM's 'No.1 (i.e. 'only') Breakfast Show' crown anytime soon.

I've not been able to find any other information on the show itself, apart from references to Kerry Katona's heaving chest, but I'll be sure to keep you abreast (apologies) when further details make themselves known.

In case you're desperately wondering where you might be able to pick up Kerry's dress, it doesn't belong to a giant turkey. The guna was in fact given to Kerry by Chico off varioud reality shows. The Mirror's 3AM reports (yep, Kerry's boobs got Lynch's new show a mention there too) that Kerry tweeted the following after the show's recording: "A big thank you to @chicotime1 and his lovely wife(?!) for the dress they bought me for my birthday which I wore tonight xx"

See. More tits than you can shake a stick at.