Kelly Rowland is the latest 'sleb judge to engage in a bit of Reality TV roulette: It's just been announced that the former X Factor UK judge will be joining Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato and Paulina Rubio (eh, who?) on the X Factor USA panel.

You might remember Kelly as the judge who brought us Misha B and Janet Devlin, and put it "down" on more than one occasion throughout the X Factor in the year that Tulisa's 'little muffins' Little Mix went on to win the competition. There were all sorts of rumours flying about at the time, with allegations that Rowland didn't even spend time with her acts surfacing on more than one occasion. We guess Destiny's Child #2 (sorry Michelle, we love you really, but where are you?) won't have to worry about keeping it transatlantic when she's holed up on the US panel.

"I am very excited to be reuniting with Simon Cowell and The X Factor family" she said. "It feels great to be able to take this journey here at home in the States." Now all the remains to be seen is who will bring the errr, 'kray-kray' like our Britters did last year? Our money's on yer one we've never heard of before... Apparently she's huge in Mexico.