Keith Barry loves nothing more than a death-defying stunt and over the years he has managed to get himself out of some very precarious situations. He's had his head trapped in box of water, drove with a blind-fold on, and countless other escape stunts.

However, there's still one he would love to try. Speaking to's TV Editor Fiona Flynn on The Telly Show this week, Keith revealed what his ultimate escape stunt would be.

"I came up with this concept years ago and I still haven't got around to doing it, Keith said. "I need the right budget, I need the right platform to do it, but ultimately, I love the idea of going up in a plane to whatever it is - 30,000 feet.

"Getting a regulation strait jacket - so putting it on over me and the parachute - and then getting pushed out of the plane. The whole idea is to have to escape mid-air at 30,000 feet in order to release the parachute. That's the one I want to do."

Sounds utterly insane but if anybody could pull it off it's Keith.

The magician and mentalist also chatted about his new show 'Deception', which he is currently touring the country with, his time working on the set of the 'Now You See Me' franchise, as well as how he got into magic and how his family and friends react to his abilities

Of course, he also demonstrated his mind-bending brain hacking skills on Fiona... and we're still trying to work out he did it.



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