Cablelink, NTL, UPC, tis hard to keep up... And while we're not sure what this means to the 1,099,000 UPC customers across Ireland, but sure it can only be a good thing, right?! 

As Richard Branson launches Virgin Media in Dublin today, UPC Ireland chief executive Magnus Ternsjö says all products will move to the brand, adding "it would serve it will  as a platform for further growth and enhanced delivery of great customer experiences. In almost every corner of the world, the Virgin brand is famous for its entrepreneurial spirit in delivering more for customers, which is exactly what we’re going to do by building even further on all our innovation and achievements to date."
Speaking of the move, Branson said: "We are proud of the way it is building on the strong platform in Ireland. I know we will do great things together with Liberty Global and shake up the Irish market even further."

If the name Liberty Global rings a bell, that may be because it acquired TV3 for approximately 87,000,000 Euro during the summer. 

Women in the region of the RDS, mind yourselves - Branson has a penchant for picking ladies up and swinging them around  #acceptableinthe80s.