As we know, Kenan Thompson's joined the cast of SNL and Kel Mitchell is now doing a sitcom on Nickoledon, but we all remember Keenan and Kel from the late '90s.

The duo, who recently met up for a sketch on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, have kept in contact and talked about a possible reunion. "Oh yeah, we've definitely been talking about it," he said. "Just to get back in those shoes, on stage together, we were both like, 'Oh man, we gotta do something together again'."

"I knew there was this love to see us back together and, man, it happened, I'm glad we did it, 'cos it made a lot of people happy and they were excited by it."

It wouldn't be the first '90s kids show to make a return, as a Power Rangers movie is already in the works and there's talk of several other classic TV shows making a comeback in one shape or another.

Personally, we're holding out for a Pugwall reunion and and getting the Orange Organics back together.