If ever there was a lady that just loves stirring it, it's Katie Hopkins, and clearly she has not been getting enough attention lately as she has started slagging off Britain's Got Talent contestants. And not just any BGT contestant, one of our own!

Cavan lad Dylan Bird impressed the judges and the audience enough to bag himself a place in the semi-final of the competition, and last night took to the stage to pull out some of his signature dance moves once more.

While Dylan didn't get through to the final, the judges praised his performance, with Amanda saying; "I think you did yourself and Ireland proud tonight", while David added he was like a "real life Billy Elliot, if Billy Elliot did Hip-Hop dancing."

Katie Hopkins however, took to Twitter with a tirade of abuse for the teenager, comparing him to the BFG, and claiming his parents should be prosecuted.

Seriously, why does she have to be so cruel? The kid is seventeen years old, and it takes a hell of a lot of confidence to take to the stage and pull off those moves.

We salute you. Dylan Bird! And your ma for havin' ya.