Sorry everyone hoping for a 'Gilmore Girls'- style return to the Creek, it ain't happening. At least not with Katie Holmes involved in it.

Having previously teased that she saw the potential in returning to the show, she seems to have moved on completely from the idea.

"I don’t think we’re going to do a reunion," Holmes told SiriusXM's Just Jenny Show. "We did grow up, but we see each other every now and then. I think that the charm of the show was Kevin Williamson’s writing and it was of that time and it gave teenagers this voice. It was a very, very special time — a special show and I loved every minute of it."

We tend to agree with Holmes. As much as 'Dawson's Creek' was a massive part of growing up, we don't need to revisit it. And unless they somehow come up with the millions to get the cast back together, we don't know how they'd shoehorn Michelle Williams in there unless she's appearing as someone's brain tumour ghost. But 'Grey's Anatomy' already did that.

You can listen to the whole interview below.