With each new development in the Steven Avery case, it becomes more and more clear that the second season of Netflix's Making a Murderer will have a whole host of twist and turns

Avery's lawyer, Kathleen Zellner filed his appeal at the end of August as well as a petition to undergo DNA testing to prove that evidence used to convict him was planted

On the back of the DNA announcement, it appears that 'crucial' witnesses have decided to come forward and tell their side of the story. That's according to Zellner anyways. 

As always, the wrongful convictions lawyer took to Twitter to update those following the case with the latest developments.

Zellner's tweet seems to indicate that people who could possibly be exposed or even implicated by the new DNA testing have decided to come forward and put their story out there before the test results come back. Whether these people know some details about Theresa Halbach's murder or the possible framing of Avery remains to be seen. 

This is all speculation of course because Zellner is nothing if not vague in her tweet updates. However it seems to be another indication that Zellner is almost prepared to present her theories on what really happened to Theresa Halbach. Which could end with the exoneration of Steven Avery in 2017. 

There's always the possibility of course that the DNA evidence could implicate Avery even further and prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. But as Zellner herself said“No one who’s guilty would ever allow this extensive testing to be done in the first place.”

Via Uproxx