Chances are if you're Katherine Heigl, you're really not having a decent time of it on television.

State Of Affairs was a short-lived TV series that ran for only one season in 2014 that had Heigl out front-and-centre as a tough CIA agent who's tasked with providing the Daily Intelligence Briefing to the US President. Think Homeland meets The West Wing. Anyway, that lasted all of one season.

Flash forward to last week when Heigl's next TV effort, Doubt, was premiered to much fanfare on US television. The legal drama saw Heigl as a brilliant legal mind who's fallen her client, an altruistic paediatric surgeon who's been accused of murdering his then-girlfriend over 24 years ago. The series had a wealth of talent, including Orange Is The New Black's Laverne Cox, veteran actor Elliot Gould, and The West Wing's Dulé Hill.

Sure, the premise sounds a bit naff and it's pretty much been done before in the likes of Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, but you think it'd at least get one season. Right? Wrong.

Doubt was dumped by television studio CBS after just two episodes, with thirteen episodes already made. It's not even clear yet if the final eleven will be shown anywhere at all. While Heigl's made no official statement, it's clear that the reviews for the show - based on the first episode - weren't good.

You'd have to wonder if she regrets leaving Grey's Anatomy that time. Either way, getting a show cancelled after TWO episodes is just brutal.


Via Variety