In case you weren't aware, apparently Mare Sheehan and the actor who played her have more in common than you would think.

That's according to the latest Kate Winslet interview with the Los Angeles Times about 'Mare of Easttown' earlier this week. According to the Oscar-winner, her close friends said to the actor after watching her performance as the police detective: "You haven’t been as you as this since that episode of ‘Extras'."

So, is Kate really just a sex-crazy, potty-mouthed maniac? Well, half right. Mare is a very grounded person who has a deep family connection, similar to Kate in real life. But the star said that, due to her acting choices since 'Titanic', people may still think of her as a young woman, picturing her "sipping dainty little glasses of wine". They couldn't be further from the truth, with the 45-year-old preferring to slam a bottle of beer, just like her new TV counterpart.

She told the publication that viewers didn't recognise her in the new role as Mare: "Perhaps watching 'Mare', for a lot of people, they’re like, 'Holy s—! That’s her?'

"I haven’t done a lot of mainstream pieces. So after 'Titanic', it stands to reason people may have thought, 'Oh. I wonder whatever happened to her?'

"I was a little ... um ... a touch taken aback by just how much people did respond to this downtrodden look of Mare. All I could think was, 'Well, hell, I guess I’ve aged'."

She also said acting in 'Mare of Easttown' was a "once-in-a-lifetime moment".

As for the subject of a 'Mare of Easttown' season two - Kate is keeping her cards close to her chest. She and creator Brad Ingelsby have often texted about the second chapter for the character and her family, trying to find a story that works. But while she loved the role, she admitted her motto when it comes to her career: "Quit while you’re ahead. That’s always been my hunch in life. Just walk away and leave it alone."

Ingelsby, however, has other ideas. He told the LA Times he would "love nothing more than to do it" but admitted that he and Kate would need to match the emotion and weight of the first season.

Kate Winslet previously told Deadline that a 'Mare' season two return is an "ongoing discussion", while Ingelsby said "maybe" to a return to Easttown.

Give us more Mare (and Jean Smart), that's what the people want!