Cassie has to battle with her demons, as well as keep track of potential new adversaries in this upcoming sophomore season.

'The Flight Attendant' season two trailer has dropped ahead of its release on Sky Max and streaming service NOW this May. An easy watch from 2020, we're pretty excited to see what's next for the misfortunate air steward.

Emmy-nominated for her season one portrayal of the not-all-together flight attendant, Kaley Cuoco returns for more mayhem - and this time it appears that there might be a doppelgänger in her midst. The first season revolved around the character attempting to prove her innocence after waking up next to a dead body.

The last we saw of the high flyer, her colleague Shane (Griffin Matthews) revealed himself as an undercover CIA agent, saving her from Buckley (Colin Woodell) who was revealed as Alex's (Michiel Huisman) killer in the lead up to the series finale. Now recruited as a human asset by the national security agency, she comes clean to her best friend and lawyer Annie (Zosia Mamet) in the trailer below.

However, it looks like Cassie is struggling to stay sober in this new chapter of her life, while things with her boyfriend Enrico (Alberto Frezza) seem to be getting serious. Will she be able to juggle all of these new changes in her life - and make it out alive (again)?

We also catch a glimpse of Rosie Perez's return as Cassie's former colleague Megan, who had some dodgy dealings with the Korean government during season one.

New faces in 'The Flight Attendant' season two includes Canadian stand-up comic and star and creator of the hit Netflix show 'Feel Good', Molly Mae. Alanna Ubach, Mo McRae, Callie Hernandez, Margaret Cho, Cheryl Hines and JJ Soria also join the cast this season.

The season arrives in Ireland and the UK on the day that the season finale airs on HBO Max in the US. Here's the exciting trailer for you.

All eight episodes of 'The FLight Attendant' season two arrives exclusively on Sky Max and streaming service NOW on May 26.