To be fair to Justin Timberlake in this story, many musicians often have horror stories of things being fired up on stage during live shows.

Ozzy Osbourne, for example, famously had a dead bat hurled up on stage which he then proceeded to bite the head off in a frenzy before realising it was - in fact - an actual, real dead bat. For Justin Timberlake, however, the story begins with Mick Jagger and Rolling Stones.

As he tells it, Jagger had asked Timberlake - fresh from leaving 'Nsync - to play a charity concert in Toronto. As he tells it, the lineup was something of an oddity for having Timberlake. For one, the headliners included the Rolling Stones, AC/DC and the Guess Who and a similar bunch of bands down the line before it got to him.

So, how it go over with that kind of assembled audience? Bottles of piss bad. So bad, in fact, that Timberlake specifically recalled how he feared for contact with said bottles of piss during the performance of 'Senorita', a fantastic track that doesn't deserve to be interrupted by urine.

Take a look.