Wouldn't have happened in Tina Fey's day, s'all we're sayin. Anyway, Canada's second favourite son (Gosling. End of.) Justin Bieber will both present and perform on this weekend's Saturday Night Live alongside Kenan Thompson and the team. Is it true? We'd need Kel for this one...

It isn't the first time the Biebz has appeared on the show, but it is his first time to take on hosting duties. Wonder if he'll do a Taylor Swift on it and have a pop at Selena Gomez in his opening monologue. Joe Jonas learned the hard way that it's never good to date a pre-teen idol with a pen and some musical notepaper, but we're not going to talk about that in our monologue.

Anyway, we're interested to see how the 'Baby' singer gets on. What with all those rumours of him cheating on the missus with Rihanna *eyebrow waggle* and gallivanting around the place with Victoria's Secret models he's certainly built up a bit of a rep. What's he playing at eh? Trying to live up to mentor Usher's standards?

Here's a sneak peek at the car crash telly that's sure to come.