After Monday night's stunning conclusion to Game of Thrones, we've been dissecting what we saw and trying to speculate on what's ahead.

The episode went to great lengths to tie up a lot of scraggly points in the story and, in one swoop, wiped out a lot of extraneous material in the overall story.

One particular point that was pretty well covered was the issue of Jon Snow's parentage, confirming a long-held fan theory that was proven to be true - namely that Rhaegar Targarayen and Lyanna Stark hopped on the good foot and did the bad thing and out popped Jon Snow.

The scene, which was a particular highlight for us, showed a young Ned Stark beside his sister, Lyanna, as she laid dying from childbirth. Ned's then handed a small baby who is revealed to be Jon Snow.

Pretty obvious, we think you'd agree. Not obvious enough, however, for HBO - who came up with a genuinely confusing diagram of Jon Snow's parentage.

Not only that, it also confirms - again, as if it needed confirmation - that Cold Hands is in fact Benjen Stark. So, yeah - all wrapped up.

But what about Varys being on the boat with Daenarys and Tyrion?