Amazon's psychological thriller series 'Homecoming' has been confirmed for a second season, but Julia Roberts won't be returning to the cast.

Roberts will remain on as an Executive Producer on the series, but will not reprising her role as Heidi Bergman - which was essentially the central role in the first series. 'Homecoming' was Julia Roberts' first TV series lead, and was a big win for Amazon Prime in the process.

THR, which broke the news about Roberts' screen departure, spoke to showrunner Sam Esmail some months ago regarding the second season. "We've deviated from very much of the podcast, so (season two of) the podcast doesn't really have anything to do with the way the show is going. We're working on a second season, but we have a very different trajectory for our show."

If you've watched the series, Julia Roberts' story was wrapped up - such as it could be on a show like this - so it seems like that the decision for her not to be involved was mutual. However, there's no word yet on whether Sissy Spacek - who played Roberts' on-screen mother - is also out of the second season. The same goes for Bobby Cannavale, Shea Whigham and Stephan James, all of whom haven't been confirmed for the second season.

'Homecoming' is currently available on Amazon Prime.