We do know they can get all sorts on the Jeremy Kyle Show but this really takes it to another level...

It's emerged that a couple involved in a child neglect case in Coventry in England were initially sought by authorities, after a tip off by staff of the Jeremy Kyle Show - where they had appeared as guests.

The 23-year-old woman and her 26-year-old partner were on the talk show last year while their two children remained backstage. However, staff noticed the toddlers smelt strongly of faeces and urine and were so concerned that they got in touch with the police over the matter.

Officers were then sent to their home which was said to be in an unlivable state, while the children were also found to be malnourished.

The court heard that staff on the Jeremy Kyle show claimed that one child had a bruised face and both were “unresponsive, emotionally vacant, dirty and unkempt” when they were looking after them.

Thankfully now both children are with adoptive parents and the judge in the case praised the "conscientious” Jeremy Kyle Show staff for making that initial call.

You would wonder if this would put off future guests appearing on the show now that they know the law could get involved, but then not sure Jeremy Kyle will ever run out of people looking for their fifteen minutes of fame.

Via Coventry Telegraph