Whether you will admit it or not, we've all had a time in our lives when we've found ourselves engrossed in an episode of Judge Judy, be it college years, on the dole, or a few sick days when you were too lazy to find the remote.

Judge Judy Sheindlin's court show is now in its unbelievable nineteenth season, and has managed to top the daytime ratings for the past five years, with more than 10 million viewers an episode. And it looks like it will continue to do so too as the Judge Judy's contract has now been extended until 2020 with CBS.

The new deal also gives CBS first look at any projects by Sheindlin's production company, which makes the new court show "Hot Bench."

Armando Nunez, president and CEO of CBS Global Distribution Group said; "We could not be more excited to continue our longtime relationship with Judy. She is a true television icon, who entertains and inspires millions of fans each day."

TV Guide has also reported that 72-year-old Judge Sheindlin is the highest paid personalty on US television, earning 47 million dollars (€40m) a year.


See kids, it pays to keep on the right side of the law.