The brand new Sky Atlantic series starring Jude Law and Naomie Harris has given us a first taste of what to expect as this chilling original tale unfolds.

'The Third Day' is set to your next big watch on Sky Atlantic later this year. Jude Law's Sky series will see the actor play a man trapped on a mysterious island off the British coast, where the line between reality and fantasy begins to blur. Joining Law on the island will be 'Skyfall' and 'No Time To Die' actress Naomie Harris.

The six-part series is to be split into two parts, with Jude Law headlining the first three episodes entitled 'Summer', while Harris takes over the final three in 'Winter'. Interestingly, viewers of the show will also be able to take part in a very special experience centred around the series - set to tell another third part of the show. As the series changes from summer to winter, patrons will be able to attend an immersive theatre experience, details of which should be announced very soon.

Co-creator and writer Dennis Kelly, who is currently busy working away on a 'Matilda' remake, says: "I wanted to make a series that was unsettling and disturbing but that also spoke to fears that ran deeper than horror. The themes of 'The Third Day' have long been obsessions of mine - it is about loss and hope and how both of those things can distort the mind in surprising and brutal ways."

The series was first announced during Sky's Up Next content showcase back in February.

Here's our first look at the Jude Law Sky series.

The new Jude Law Sky series 'The Third Day' arrives on Sky Atlantic this May.