Who knew that the little dude from '3rd Rock From the Sun' TV show would grow up to become Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Yes, we know that's who he was then too, but you know what we mean. The actor starred in the hit show alongside John Lithgow from '96 to 2001, with the show earning a rake of Emmys in that time.

In case you never managed to catch the comedy series, it was about four extraterrestrials who found themselves resentfully living on Earth posing as a family in order to study human beings. Since the show ended, Levitt went on to star in a whole host of great movies including 500 Days of Summer, Inception and The Dark Knight Rises.

So would he really go back to where it all began with flicks like that under his belt? The answer is YES! The actor was asked in a Reddit Q&A recently whether he would ever consider a 3rd Rock From the Sun reunion and he said; "Hell yes. Though not sure how much sense it would make since the alien characters left earth (spoiler alert) at the end of the series. Still, I love all those folks so much, I’d love to..."

They could totally come back to Earth for a visit, no doubt about it. Somebody make it happen!

We're looking at you, Lithgow...