More Jon Snaaaaww? Who could argue with that? Even if he does know 'nuuuthin'. Kit Harrington, who plays the popular Game of Thrones character, has said that he was filming more than any other actor for this upcoming season.

He told The Independent Magazine he was "on set every day in Belfast. And I had more dates than anyone this year – I was f*cking there".

Implying of course that Jon Snow would be a central point in the story line this year, something that was hinted at in the end of season four. Remember the way Melisandre looked at him over the fire at Castle Black? She knows something, we tells you! We just don't what yet.

The actor, who is currently starring in the Vera Brittain film The Testament of Youth, added that he may look into producing in the future, and said that he 'can't be Jon Snow forever'. (He CAN'T?)

"I want to move into producing. I've kind of set my cogs going on that. It's one of those things: before whenever it is that I finish Thrones, I need to really process what I want to do next. And eventually it may not be acting. I love it, but I need to make sure that's what I want to do," he said.