'Joker' is well on its way to a place at the Oscars, with Joaquin Phoenix's haunting performance in the title role expected to land him an Oscar for Best Actor.

After all, taking the comic-book character and giving it a dark, gritty, almost Scorsese-esque take was pretty unique and it worked. But how would that apply to some other pop culture phenomenons?

What about, say, 'Sesame Street' and Oscar the Grouch? Well, that's what this 'SNL' parody takes on, with David Harbour as Oscar the Grouch, and the rest of the 'SNL' cast as members of Sesame Street.

You've got Bert and Ernie getting knifed for his rubber ducky, Guy Smiley, you've got Elmo as a crack-dealer, and you've also got Big Bird as a sex worker. So, yeah, it's dark to say the least. But also funny. In fact, this is probably going to be the funniest thing 'SNL' does this season.

Take a look. David Harbour's going to get an Oscar (badum-tiss) for this.