We've been following the proposed TV spinoff of John Wick for some time, and it now appears that the series is not only happening, but it has a TV studio locked in and Keanu Reeves as executive producer.

At Starz' TCA session, the studio's head of programming confirmed that Reeves will not only be involved behind the scenes but will likely cameo in the series at some stage.

According to Starz CEO Chris Albrecht, the series - called The Continental - will be "truly unlike anything else on TV," and will "include the thunderous fight sequences and intensely staged shootouts between professional assassins and their targets that fans have come to expect in the John Wick movie franchise as well as introducing some new, darkly compelling characters who inhabit this underground world."

On top of all that, Chad Stahelski is tapped to direct the first episode of the series and former staffer for David Simon's The Wire and Sons Of Anarchy producer Chris Collins will act as showrunner for the series. No airdate has been given for the series, but it seems likely it'll be on our screens either before or around the same time as John Wick: Chapter 3 hits cinema screens.

Where The Continental will land on our screens, however, remains to be seen. Outlander, which is also a Starz TV series, is available on Amazon Prime Instant - so it seems likely it'll be the same deal here.


Via Deadline