Last Week Tonight has always been known for its incisive and journalism-led investigations into weighty topics, coming back with some hilarious and thought-provoking segments.

It's a real testament to John Oliver's ability that he's able to make things like foreign policy under Trump, Mike Pence's outright homophobia, and FIFA into brilliant comedy - but with something like the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it seems a bit like shooting fish in a barrel. Right? Wrong.

On last night's show, Oliver went in hard on one particular point in the Royal Wedding - namely, a self-styled "royal expert" by the name of Thomas J. Mace-Archer-Mills, Esq. who kept cropping up on TV news reports in the US as a colour commentator.

By a beautiful twist of irony, Thomas J. Archer-Mills, Esq. was in fact born Tommy Muscatello in upstate New York, is American, and most definitely is masquerading as an English person because - as Olivier so rightly points out - nobody in England gives a toss about the royal family.

What's more, Muscatello is actually the leader of the British Monarchist Society and Foundation, and claimed he helped the Serbian royal family on matters of organisation for their royal wedding.

Here's Oliver breaking it all down.