With the US election taking place tomorrow, it truly is our fervent hope that we never, ever have to write another single word about Donald Trump ever again.

You might very well be saying to yourself, "Hey, entertainment.ie, you can stop writing about him right now." That's true. We could.

But given how Donald Trump so often intersects with the world of entertainment - specifically, how much he's hated by it, and how much it's working to have him removed from office - we're compelled to cover it.

Case in point being 'Last Week Tonight With John Oliver', which covers in staggering detail and with trademark comedic wit just how badly Donald Trump messed up the US government's response to the pandemic. More worryingly, the video covers how there are some Americans who believe not only that Trump did the best he could, but it's not as bad as it seems.

Not only that, the video covers his entire response from the first news reports about coronavirus, the fact that he played it all down, how his travel ban was basically ineffective in stopping the spread, and how he even tried to claim that PPE was empty and went missing during the Obama administration, but he - Trump - had been President for three years at that stage.

All in all, it's a lovely, cheery video that won't make you grind your teeth on a Monday.