The final episode of this season of 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' aired yesterday and the host made it one to remember.

The finale kicked off with Adam Driver confronting John Oliver about his 'strange' obsession with him.

The bit sees Driver remind Oliver of what he's asked the actor to do to him ('Collapse on your chest'. 'Tie your fingers in a square knot'. 'Step on your throat'. 'Shatter your knees'. 'Pull your heart out through your ear'.) and demand an apology.

After that, the talk show host proceeds to recap the utter mess that has been the year 2020.

He notes the Australia wildfires, the death of Kobe Bryant (among other notable deaths this year such as that of Chadwick Boseman and Ruth Bader Ginsburg) and the threat of war between the US and Iran from earlier this year; all of which preceded the COVID-19 pandemic.

There's also been mass unemployment, evictions, that celeb video of 'Imagine' and the introduction of Carole Baskin.

"This year ruined lives, jobs, concerts and sanity. It also brought a new wave of wrenching videos of police brutality that brought on a national reckoning with race, and a ferocious and depressing backlash," he adds.

There was also the harrowing nature of the US Election (which still doesn't seem to be over).

Thus, 2020 was "absolutely terrible" and, much like John Oliver did with 2016, he decides to blow the year up.

You can watch the year recap and explosion below. Fast forward to the start to see the amusing Adam Driver bit.