As is so often the case with Donald Trump, the palpable shamelessness that surrounds him is at times comical and other times fascinating to behold.

Previously, the useless orange f*** claimed he was going to have 'SNL' investigated for repeatedly attempting to make fun of him, but it seems that he actually did follow through on the threat to some degree.

John Mulaney, who hosted the show back in February of this year, made a joke that caused some backlash for him that featured a veiled reference to Julius Caesar and Donald Trump's increasingly unhinged antics.

"In February, I did a joke that was not about Donald Trump,” Mulaney explained on last night's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'. “The joke was about how it was a leap year, and leap year had been started by Julius Caesar to correct the calendar, and another thing that happened with Caesar was that he was stabbed to death by a bunch of senators because he went crazy. And I said I think that’s an interesting thing that could happen.”

Here's the monologue in question. The joke starts around 3:20.

Sure enough, that was all the Secret Service needed to investigate Mulaney, and as anyone with a functioning brain would tell you, he wasn't deemed a threat. "The person vetting me was very understanding that the joke had nothing to do with Donald Trump because it was an elliptical reference to him,” Mulaney said. “I didn’t say anything about him. In terms of risk assessment, no one who’s ever looked at me thought I registered above a one.”

Well, there you go.