All these years after it aired, we're still obsessed with anything related to 'The US Office'.

The award-winning television series has become a comedy staple, often regarded as one of the best out there. And when tidbits of previously unknown happenings around the set get revealed, we still can't help but get excited. Today we learn from hairstylist Kim Ferry who, among other tricks, helped make a John Krasinski wig under the most stressful of situations - nearly getting fired.

Ferry has worked her magic on some incredible TV shows and movies in the past, including 'Veronica Mars' and 'Pretty Little Liars'. However, she said in a recent interview with Mashable that her work on 'The US Office' was her "best job ever".

The John Krasinski wig incident happened when the actor came to her with a dilemma. He wanted to shave his head for a role in George Clooney's 'Leatherheads', but showrunner Greg Daniels wasn't having any of it. So Krasinski went to Ferry for help, and the pair of them hatched a plan.

After enlisting the help from a friend who made real-hair wigs, they got the actor to slip it on for the final six or so episodes of season three. However, rumours of the wig had reached the ears of some of the crew members, and Ferry thought that she was going to get fired for her part in all of this.

Being summoned into Daniels' office where Krasinski was having a meeting, Ferry told the publication: "The first thing Greg said was, 'Wow. You guys have balls,' and then goes, 'but I have to say I didn't see that coming.'"

Apparently, Krasinski had walked into the office with the wig on and pitched all the reasons why it would work on the show. "Greg kept saying, 'No! I would know if you're wearing a wig.' So John leaned over the desk and said, 'No I don't think you would.' That's when he ripped it off and shut it down, and we got to do the wig.

"It was worth it cause he really wanted to do that movie and I didn't want to disappoint him. It was nerve-wracking, but it turned out okay. Thank god."

In the wide-ranging interview, Ferry also revealed how she changed Steve Carell's Michael Scott to look much more approachable by simply changing his slicked-back hair from season one, and how Kate Flannery's Meredith didn't really go bald - it was all just a very convincing bald cap.