Although RTE unequivocally stated that Love / Hate as we know it is finished, some people have still been holding on to a glimmer of hope that the series may return.

In fact, sources claimed back in 2015 that Stuart Carolan was working on a sixth season that would focus on Patrick, played by John Connors, and his exploits post-Nidge and beyond. As it turns out, John Connors has now effectively ridden the world of any kind of hope on the subject.

In an interview with the Irish Mirror, Connors said that Love / Hate is "finished and that is it – it is never coming back." This pretty much tracks with RTE's statement in 2015 that Love / Hate was no longer in active development.

As it stands, the US version of Love / Hate appears to have gone quiet with no news since 2015. Dennis Lehane, who wrote several episodes of The Wire and has had five of his novels adapted into films, was supposed to be adapting the series - but there's been nothing in the way of official confirmation or word in over a year.

So, it seems, that's that for Love / Hate - unless Stuart Carolan decides to do an '90s-set prequel WHICH WE WOULD TOTALLY WATCH, BY THE WAY.


Via Irish Mirror