When you think of classic horrors, one of the names that will always come up is John Carpenter.

After all, he pretty much perfected the slasher genre in the '70s with Hallowe'en, revolutionised the sci-fi horror genre in the '80s with The Thing, and then did some poor films in the '90s. Less said about those, the better. At any rate, Carpenter hasn't been involved with making films or the like since 2010's The Ward.

The film, which was pretty poorly received, marked the last time Carpenter was involved in anything on screen - but that looks like it's all set to change. Per THR, Carpenter has inked a deal with Syfy and NBCUniversal to turn Tales For A Halloween Night, a comic-book anthology series that Carpenter created with his wife Sandy King, into a TV series. As well as this, Carpenter is also working as executive producer on Nightside, an adaptation of Simon R. Green's fantasy pulp series. 

It's not yet known if Carpenter will be working solely as an executive producer or if he'll be directing any of the episodes, but nevertheless, it's brilliant to see an iconic filmmaker like Carpenter still active and involved in things. You can check out our feature-length interview with the man himself here.