Although he has a couple of TV projects in the works as producer, John Carpenter hasn't directed anything - be it TV or film - since 2010's disappointing The Ward.

That may all change however, as screenwriter David Hayter announced last weekend at London MCM ComicCon that he's working on a TV pilot with none other than JC himself. Hayter, who previously wrote the screenplay for X-Men, X-Men 2 (the best one of the original three), and Zack Snyder's Watchmen, confirmed that Carpenter was directing the pilot and that it was being shopped to television studios.

Unfortunately, no details on the pilot were discussed, but it's definitely interesting to see Carpenter back in action and behind the camera in a more involved way. When we spoke to Carpenter last year, he was open about his own views on retirement - and that he was open to work if things came together.

Here's hoping this gets picked up, because John Carpenter's a living legend and never got the credit he deserved in his time.


Via YouTube / SuperNerds Podcast