If there's one thing we'll always remember John C McGinley for it's Dr Cox, so it's quite possibly a good thing that he's reunited with Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence for a brand new TV pilot that's set to air in the US soon.

Thew new workplace comedy will be called Ground Floor, and is written by Lawrence and a chap by the name of Greg Malins. We don't know either. Anyway, they say the story's set in the world of corporate America, and focuses on a 29-year-old successful alpha male who gets mixed up with his company's support staff. They just so happen to be a lovely bunch of happy go lucky individuals. Are we sensing a bit of Scrubs meets Wall Street here?

Anyway, McGinley will be playing the boss, Mr Mansfield. We don't know much more about the character at this stage but we're kinda sort of hoping that he's a bit of an ass, because John C McGinley does angry cranky shouty man with a heart of gold so well...

Plus, he's Irish don'cha know. His family hail from Donegal.