One of the most hotly-anticipated new shows still to come is 'The Last Of Us'.

It's got everything going for it. Yes, it's based on a videogame and they're historically terrible, but the tide seems to be turning on that front. Next, you've got the same writer / director combo behind 'Chernobyl', one of the best TV miniseries of the past decade.

The question that's hung over 'The Last Of Us', however, is who they're going to cast as Joel and Ellie. A good few names had been floated, but truly, it's two roles that are not only burned into people's minds from playing the game, but from experiencing that story.

Playing both games - the original and last year's follow-up - you really do get a full arc in their story, as Ellie goes from an innocent child in the first one to a vengeful, embittered soul in the sequel. Not only that, Joel's own story arc is a lot to process.

Well, we can safely say that the casting for both of them is only giving us more reasons to be excited. Deadline reports this morning that Pedro Pascal is set to play Joel, while Ellie will be played by Bella Ramsey. Odds are you know Pedro Pascal from 'The Mandalorian' or 'Narcos', while Bella Ramsey may not be immediately familiar.

Ramsey played Lyanna Mormont in 'Game of Thrones', the fierce and battle-tested leader of House Mormont who just so happened to be a small girl with a deep Northern accent. Whatever about that, it's safe to say that Ramsey is a perfect choice for Ellie, along with Pedro Pascal as Joel.

As of yet, there's no word on when the series will begin production or when it will hit TV screens, but expect a lot of excitement about this series.