While Alec Baldwin basically played Donald Trump on 'SNL' until it became unfunny, here's hoping it won't be the same thing with Jim Carrey and Joe Biden.

NBC and producer Lorne Michaels confirmed that the two-time Emmy winner Jim Carrey is set to play Vice President Joe Biden for the upcoming season of 'SNL'. In the past, Joe Biden has been played by the likes of Jason Sudeikis and Woody Harrelson, but Carrey will be the lead impersonator going forward.

So far, some major names have taken on roles in 'SNL' for the past few seasons. Robert DeNiro has played Robert Mueller, Melissa McCarthy has played Sean Spicer, Ben Stiller has played Michael Cohen, while Brad Pitt took on Dr. Anthony Fauci just recently - so someone like Jim Carrey jumping in isn't all that shocking.

The new season begins on October 3rd, with the first US presidential debate set to take place on September 29th - so fully expect the cold open of the show to be about that.

In the meantime, here's the debate sketch from 2016.