While the rumours of Chris Evans being in the running to be Clarkson's replacement keep circulating - despite the presenter stating on his radio show that he's not interested in the post (probably because Top Gear airs on a Sunday; Chris's preferred day to grace the telly seems to be Friday...) - there is another possible contender emerging. Jodie Kidd.

Personally speaking, I reckon she'd be perfect. She's incredibly competitive (by her own admission), genial, articulate, loves going fast (she gave it her all on The Jump) and - in an unwitting nod to Jeremy - she's exceedingly tall, so it won't be too much of a jarring experience for James and the Hamster. Also, Jeremy would no doubt appreciate being replaced by a woman. And she could really work a leather jacket.

According to Herald.ie, the former model is now one of the bookie's favourite to land the role, after Chris Evans. William Hill odds to replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear are as follows: 6/4 Chris Evans; 3/1 Jodie Kidd; 6/1 Dermot O'Leary; 6/1 Eddie Irvine; 6/1 Johnny Vaughan; 6/1 Steve Coogan; 8/1 Eddie Jordan.

Ooooooh. Dermot O'Leary. That could totally work. Richard Hammond might feel like his thunder is being hijacked somewhat, but we'd totally watch. In fact, if they went the way of Never Mind the Buzzcocks (Simon Amstel left) and Have I Got News For You (Angus Deayton was a naughty boy), they could have all of the above presenting as guest hosts.

Just saying...