She's been fairly busy with the release of her latest movie Elysium of late but Hollywood heavyweight Jodie Foster still has time for other projects and has just signed up to do some directing during the next season of House of Cards.

The Oscar-winning actress will definitely direct at least one episode of Netflix's smash hit political drama, which stars Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Kate Mara. The first season went down extremely well with audiences worldwide, and even garnered several Emmy nominations.

Executive producer David Fincher won't be able to do any directing this time around because he's busy working on his big screen adaptation of Gone Girl, so Foster, season one directors Joel Schumacher and James Foley, and even star Kevin Spacey have all been tipped to do the honours.

It isn't exactly a huge leap for Foster though, as she's already been working with Netflix on Orange Is The New Black. The actress was the one calling the shots behind the camera for season one episode 'Lesbian Request Denied' y'know. A woman of many talents so she is now.

House of Cards Season Two is expected to land on Netflix in early 2014.