Who are we kidding - we'd be the first in line to buy one.

Would Jamie Dornan release an album? For fear of getting the absolute piss ripped out of him from his Northern Irish peers, probably not.

The actor appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' last night, promoting his newest film 'Belfast', which is directed by Kenneth Branagh. Based on Branagh's own childhood, the film follows a young boy and his family who find themselves in the middle of The Troubles in Northern Ireland during the 1960s.

Dornan plays the role of the patriarch of the family and the role sees him show off his pipes, singing a cover of 'Everlasting Love' by Love Affair. At the LA premiere of the film the night before, he got up on stage and performed the song in front of the willing crowd.

Dornan said he got on stage due to: "The perfect amount of dirty vodka martinis and wine with dinner to get the courage to make that decision."

Touching on his singing ability, Kimmel asked Jamie Dornan if he'd ever considered releasing an album, just like so many greats before him and whipped out a photoshopped cheesy record cover.

Playing up the begrudging Irish habit that plagues our nation, the 39-year-old actor said: "That's the sort of thing, being from where I come from, it's a big no-no. 'Hey lads, I'm releasing an album.' No."

Here's the full Jamie Dornan interview for you.

Unfortunately, for those of us looking forward to seeing 'Belfast' in cinemas, we've another wait ahead of us. Announced earlier in the week, the film has been pushed back by three months until January 2022.

Elsewhere in Jamie Dornan news, the next TV series we will see him in is called 'The Tourist'. The limited series from the BBC, which has wrapped filming, will be a thriller about a man searching for clues as to who he is in the Australian outback.

'Belfast' releases in cinemas on January 21, 2022.