You'd think we might be used to hearing about how Donald Trump's fragile ego has been damaged once again by a celebrity denouncing him in some way, but no. It still seems flabbergasting.

In recent days, the President of the United States reacted angrily to talk show host Jimmy Fallon expressing regret for the interview he conducted with Trump in 2016, where he was criticised for going too easy on him and even ruffling his hair.

Trump tweeted that Fallon was "whimpering" about the interview despite allegedly calling him to share news of the show's "monster ratings", and urged him to "be a man". In response, Fallon said that he would be making a donation to RAICES, the charity that helps reunited children separated from their families due to Trump's immigration policy.

Now, Fallon has expanded on the kerfuffle, using the opening monologue of his show last night to talk about it.

"I made a donation in Trump’s name to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, or RAICES," he said. "When Trump heard, he was like, ‘I love RAICES – they’re my favorite peanut butter cup. There’s no wrong way to eat a RAICES.’”

He continued to poke fun at Trump throughout, asking "Shouldn't he have more important things to do?"

Watch it below: