In case you missed it, US President Trump said earlier this week that when he was younger, people used to say he looked like Elvis Presley. Trump was in Elvis' home town of Tupelo, Mississippi on one of his rallies when he made the comment.

The full statement he said was, "I shouldn't say this. You'll say I'm very conceited, 'cause I'm not. But other than the blond hair, when I was growing up, they said I looked like Elvis. Do you see that, can you believe it? I always consider that a great compliment."

Always quick off the mark, Jimmy Fallon donned a leather affair as he took to his stage to portray a Trump and Elvis love-child. Although hard to imagine, Fallon does a stellar impression of both of them.

A former cast member on 'Saturday Night Live' before securing his own talk-show, Fallon shows that he's still got the knack of nailing impressions. Singing his own special lyrics to Elvis' 'Jail house Rock,' such as "Elvis' hair is black, and mine in or-ange" it's the perfect response to Trump's claim.

Here's Fallon proving that he, in fact, is the king - "thank me very much".