Everybody's got a Priiiiice Taaaag. Apologies.

I know, and after all the hubbub about her not getting on with the resident stylist and her leaking her chosen acts before the show. It's like those stories were honed for the sake of controversy. How strange.

According to The Daily Star, the singer has agreed to return as a coach for £500k. A lose lipped soul said: "Jessie has signed on the dotted line and will definitely be back for another series. She did find some of it tougher than she expected but the­ positives (Priiiice Tag) outweighed the ­negatives so she's chosen to come back." 

Apparently will.i.am is "keen" to stay on as a judge. I bet he is, what with him being thrown an Olympic torch and getting to bark into a mic alongside a bemused Stevie Wonder at the Jubilee concert.