We all know Jessica Biel is pretty hot - herself and Justin Timberlake must spend countless hours in front of the mirror just revelling in their own beauty. Wouldn't you if you looked like them? Hence probably why the actress has been cast as 'the sexiest scientist in the world' in the upcoming season four of Zooey Deschanel's New Girl.

Well, we can only assume that is Jess's name for her and not her actual title, what with Jess being so quirky and out there and what not (we actually do quite like Jess). According to The Hollywood Reporter, Biel will have a guest role in the show this year as a rival to newly single Jess when she sets her sights on a cute guy at a wedding. (Pifft, he'll be no Nick).

This will be Biel's first return to telly since her breakout role in the schmaltzy Seventh Heaven from 1996-2003, later returning for the series finale in 2006. And in case you were wondering what else she was up to these days (you might have been), the actress is also starring in upcoming flick Shiva and May alongside Girls star Zosia Mamet.