No other show like Making A Murderer has managed to turn its viewers into conspiracy theorists or investigators.

In fact, there's entire swathes of the Internet that are now essentially massive investigative units that are bringing more and more information to light. However, Internet heartthrob / Avery defence team Jerry Buting recently spoke in an interview about the trial and was quizzed about what area of the investigation was most suspect.

Granted, it was ALL suspect, but Buting's big gripe was about something that was somewhat glossed over in the documentary and in the trial itself - namely Teresa Halbach's bones. As Buting describes it, the bones were such a big issue "because where the body was burned should have determined guilt or innocence alone, ignoring everything else, because if the jury believed or understood that this body was burned elsewhere then the fact that there were the majority of her bones were found in his burn pit should have proven that he was not the killer. Because nobody would burn a body somewhere else, gather up their bones and then go and dump them in their own backyard. That’s ludicrous, right?"

That's pretty interesting, we think you'll agree. As you'll know, the documentary made a quick reference to a potential third burn site for Halbach, however pieces found at that site couldn't be confirmed as hers or even human for that matter. More on that in a little bit.

Back to Buting and the explanation for Avery burning Halbach's remains at his burn pit. As we know, the state made it clear that Avery burnt the remains at his own house, but never offered an explanation as to why any of the bones - even just a few of them would move. Buting asks "..why would you find some of them - that were clearly identified as her bones - in a burn barrel over by Bobby Dassey’s house, for instance? And why would there be human pelvis bones found a quarter, a half-mile away in a burn gravel pit?"

Of course, if the bones in that gravel pit AREN'T Teresa Halbach's, then who do they belong to? MORE QUESTIONS, MORE QUESTIONS, MORE QUESTIONS. The full interview is up over on Rolling Stone and if you've got a half hour, maybe more to spare, it's really worth a read because Buting's convinced there's some pretty interesting evidence coming to light.