Jeremy Clarkson has at last spoken out about his controversial exit from Top Gear this morning with Chris Evans on his BBC2 radio show, admitting that "it was my own silly fault, so I could hardly complain."

Clarkson told Evans that: "[Top Gear] was very much my baby and I absolutely adored it and I worked all the time on it, all through the night.

"Then suddenly you're not asked to do that any more, [and] you do feel as though there's a big hole which doesn't get filled."

He went on to say; "I have been at the BBC for 27 years. When you emerge after 27 years, you find the world is changed. When you learn how the world works, you can start to work out what to do."

He admitted that there have been plenty of calls from broadcasters looking to sign the former Top Gear team, but he said; "I'd be a fool jump into something".  He added that he wasn't sure what his plan was next but said; "Well I'm not going to be a milkman, not with those early starts."

While he also took the time to acknowledge his former employers: "I like the BBC - there are some dreadful people in it but there are also some really talented, brilliant people. It's a great organisation and I thank them for giving me such a long time there."