It seems Jeremy Clarkson and the lads liked their luxuries when out on the road with the Top Gear crew, and while presenters are entitled to a rider on the road, the stuff on this list does nothing for the diva assumptions already made on Clarkson following the 'fracas' over not having a hot steak dinner.

The list includes Champagne, over 20 bottles of wine which must be served on linen covered tables, a Sky TV connection, a DVD player, a Nespresso machine, an iPod dock, and a Playstation 3 with two controllers and a copy of Call of Duty. Oh and they MUST be near a McDonalds.

A source from Top Gear Live told the Daily Mail: ‘All three presenters have their eclectic tastes and they certainly know what they want. Jeremy is very into his rosé and very particular about getting exactly the right type of wine. He also likes to be driven around in a Range Rover during these events. It’s fair to say he can be a little bit of a Prima Donna at times."

This source added; "Some of the items are brought over by his team from venue to venue around the globe but others they get people on the ground to buy ready for their arrival. They don’t always need everything or eat and drink everything on the list, but they like to have them there just in case."

Take a look at the list below, in the Daily Mail's handy graphic. Note while there is a mention of steak knives, there's nothing about actual steak. Just sayin'.