'Schitt's Creek' fever is still going pretty strong, with the cast reuniting months after the final season has aired.

From Mariah Carey appearing to sing 'Hero' alongside the cast, to a LEGO set potentially being in development in honour of the series, the Canadian sitcom has stormed 2020 for all the right reasons. The series drew to an end earlier this year after six seasons, bowing out before storylines became strained (unlike many other sitcoms which grew stale in the later seasons).

In the latest 'Schitt's Creek' interview with the cast of Catherine O'Hara, Eugene and Daniel Levy, and Annie Murphy, actor Jennifer Garner had the opportunity to ask all of her burning questions.

A self-confessed superfan of the show, Garner sums up the show beautifully at the beginning of her interview by saying: "'Schitt's Creek' feels like the perfect pandemic splurge, because the Roses' time in the town of Schitt's Creek, living in these two claustrophobic hotel rooms mirrors the world's collective experience of quarantine. As Alexis says, 'We went a year without seeing each-other'.

"What starts out as a fish out of water comedy finishes as a homey, family connection. A love letter to the silver linings."

Garner leads the interview by discussing the series' finale of David and Patrick's wedding ceremony, the often miscontrued title of the show, Moira Rose's wig collection and dialect, the tumultuous journey of Alexis, and many more topics besides.

In terms of what the cast think the Roses are up to now, Catherine O'Hara said: "I imagine the Roses still living. Even though we played them, I imagine them going on without us."

"I think it’s to preserve our own sanity," agreed Annie Murphy. "I do the exact same thing."

Here's the full hour-long interview for you to sit back and enjoy.