To be fair, anyone with a competitive streak will recognise the signs of what Jennifer Garner's going through here.

There's the psyching yourself up, the volume increase with each correct answer, the abruptness when trying to get on to the next answer. If you're one of these people who takes quiz shows and game shows WAY too seriously when you're in them, congratulations - you can count Jennifer Garner among your number.

The whole thing kicked off on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show', which is a new daytime TV show with a very 'Ellen'-esque vibe and, sure enough, Kelly Clarkson hosting. Garner was facing off against the host, Clarkson, and not only did she seriously get into character, but also wiped the floor with her.

Maybe Garner had the better team with her, it's hard to know, but the intensity was there and it came through in the questions. Seriously, though, don't get in between a quiz question with Jennifer Garner. She was Syndey Bristow, man. She takes this sh** seriously.

Take a look.