"Oh shoot! Wait!"

All rise for Jennifer Anniston, the actress who was forced to use a fire extinguisher while on live TV, and inadvertently saved Jimmy Kimmel from being burned alive. The Jennifer Anniston Emmys appearance came as the actress joined host Kimmel as one of the very few on-set stars of the virtual Emmys 2020.

While all of the nominees and winners (including a huge nine wins for 'Schitt's Creek') joined in on the three-hour ceremony safely from their homes, in the LA studio the talkshow host was joined by a range of actors and actresses who presented awards on the night. Jason Bateman from 'Ozark' popped up in the audience alongside some cardboard cut-outs too.

Anyway, getting back to the main event - here's what happened when Jennifer Anniston joined Kimmel to present the winner for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, which eventually went to Catherine O'Hara for her Moira Rose in 'Schitt's Creek'. 

Taking it upon himself to douse the winner's envelope in highly flammable liquid (you can see where this is going), Kimmel wanted to make sure all of the germs had been burned off for some reason. Cue Jen Anniston then being forced to break out the fire extinguisher.

Of course, this is live TV, so the flames didn't exactly go down straight away - forcing Jen to return to the fire and essentially save Kimmel from being burned alive unbeknownst to himself. Here's how the moment went down.

Kimmel eventually tweeted his thanks to his actress pal.

Here's the full video of the event, featuring a fantastic acceptance speech from Catherine O'Hara.