Although most people would immediately associate Jenna Fischer with the US Office, she's hasn't retired on her residual cheques from the show and is still out there as a working actor and an author as well.

In an in-depth interview with Off Camera, Fischer talked about the odd confluence of events about being fired from a show just as she was writing a book for actors which had a section on dealing with being fired.

As Fischer tells it, she had never before been fired from a show - until then - and the show is still on the air, just with a different female lead. Take a look at the clip to hear her tell it better.

The show, incidentally, is Man With A Plan.

The woman who replaced Fischer was Liza Snyder, who you'll know from another sitcom (albeit nowhere near as popular as Friends or The US Office) called Yes, Dear and most recently in an episode of Raising Hope and House.

To be fair, it's true - Pam Beesley would never end up with Joey. Just wouldn't happen, like.


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