It's been splitting opinion ever since it first aired back in 2012, but fans of Aaron Sorkin's HBO drama The Newsroom will be only too delighted to hear that she show has apparently been picked up for a third season.

As per Will McAvoy himself aka Jeff Daniels, Sorkin and co have been given the green light to script another batch of episodes, though it's unclear when they'll actually go to air at the moment. We presume the network will explain when the execs make an official announcement themselves.

The news comes amid rampant speculation that Sorkin just wouldn't have time to pen another season at the moment. He's working on a script for a Steve Jobs film at the moment and he's going to have to finish that off before starting into anything else.

Stateside, there are only two episodes left in the current second season (It only began broadcasting on Sky Atlantic in the UK and Ireland on Monday night), which has been hailed as far superior to the first. That's good news for Sorkin and his cast, and even better news for the folks at HBO.

All eyes will be on leading man Daniels now, as he heads into the race for his first Emmy. And of course, ACN CEO Leona Lansing aka Jane Fonda, who picked up a well deserved nomination for her quite frankly fabulous performance as the big boss. If you haven't seen her in action yet you're really missing out.

There's no need to ask how I feel about this one. A quick look at my staff profile will reveal that it's my favourite thing on TV. If you want to know why, you should really just check this out.

The Newsroom is on Sky Atlantic every Monday night at 9pm.