In case you missed it, it recently emerged that Arrested Development’s Jeffrey Tambor had been 'verbally abusive' to co-star Jessica Walter while they were working on the series.

In a NYT interview, Walter said that she had to “let go of being angry of him” and is “over it now.” However Jason Bateman, the lead on the Netflix show, has now come under fire.

Bateman was criticised for appearing to minimise and justify Tambor's past behaviour in the same interview, saying that it was common to work with “difficult” people in the entertainment industry and that he had “zero complaints.”

Today, the actor apologised for his words through a series of tweets, saying that he was “deeply sorry” to have “completely underestimated” the feelings of Walter, and that he was not “excusing Jeffrey” for what he did.

Tambor had sexual harassment claims brought against him in November last year.