'X-Factor' returned last night with judges Robbie Williams and Louis Tomlinson in tow, but there was another pop star that caught the headlines today - Janice Robinson, formerly of '90s dance act Livin' Joy.

The American singer turned up on stage to audition, introduced herself as Janice Robinson, and began to tell her story of how she wrote a song some twenty-three years ago called 'Dreamer' and broke into a totally not-planned rendition of the song.

Here's that moment.

Unsurprisingly, Robinson received four yes votes from the judges and proved a big hit with the audience at home and on the night, but the question remains - can a musical act that previously signed a record deal be allowed to enter 'X-Factor' and potentially win?

Believe it or not, there's actually nothing in the rules against a musician previously having a record contract and auditioning for 'X-Factor', so Robinson's history with Livin' Joy isn't going to be a hindrance to her in the slightest.

Not only that, Robinson revealed to the Sunday Mirror that she's since gone on to become a music teacher and is raising money for her daughter's medical bills. Robinson's daughter, Kura, was diagnosed with pseudo tumor cerebri which caused pappilodema on the optic nerves, meaning that she is in effect legally blind.

As for what's next, Robinson is through to the next round and is already being marked out as the favourite to win this season.